Marriage License
We can do it for you!
Over the years, we have sat down with many couples who ask us if there is a more convenient way to purchase a Marriage License, rather than  taking half a day to go to the courthouse.  We finally are able to answer that question with    "Yes, there is!

We can do it for you!"
 Many couples were starting new jobs or taking time off to visit with family coming in from other cities, states or countries or taking time off for the wedding and honeymoon or the bride and groom were coming from such a distance that they were arriving just a few days before their wedding. Other couples found the process of obtaining a Marriage License a little confusing or did not want to stand in lines at the courthouse and were actually losing money taking the time off  from work to obtain their License. In their eyes, the License cost them the License fee and a half day of pay. Other couples are perfectly fine enjoying the process of obtaining their Marriage License and look at it as part of the whole wedding planning experience.

For those who are interested, we now offer couples who are getting married anywhere in California the convenience of us providing them with a legal Marriage License. Rev. Carolyn is authorized by the Los Angeles County Recorder to issue Confidential Marriage Licenses and as a notary in the State of California, to notarize the request forms for Certified Copies, which all couples need to have as proof of marriage.

This convenience is offered to couples married by either Pastor Norman or Reverend Carolyn and couples who already have their own officiants.

We charge a small fee of $195.00 for this convenient service, which includes:

  • The purchase price of the Marriage License
  • Trip to the courthouse to purchase and pick up your Marriage License for you
  • The notary fee
  • Request forms for Certified Copies
  • We e-mail the Marriage License Application and the current law regarding name changes to you
  • The appointment to get together to issue you the Marriage License, which takes about 20 minutes

Why do I need a Certified Copy(ies) anyway?

A Certified Copy is proof that you are married, for marital status changes, and for name changes.   Each certified copy is $17.
Even if the bride is not changing her last name, you may need one for marital status changes, and it’s a good idea to have one in your file. You will need to provide a Certified Copy for the following institutions, and others that ask:

  • Social Security Name & Marital Status Change
  • Health Insurance (if one of you is being added to the other’s insurance)
  • Passport name change
  • Driver’s License name change
  • Banking
  • Military
  • Immigration, Etc.

What if I want to go to the courthouse to obtain my Marriage License?

We provide all our couples with all the information needed to obtain your Marriage License anywhere in the State of California. In particular: fees, courthouse names, addresses, telephone numbers, and hours of operation are provided for Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Ventura County, and Los Angeles County. We can also offer the notary service for requesting Certified Copies no matter where in California you obtain your Marriage License.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this process and service by e-mail or telephone.
Beautiful Marriage Certificates
( Four Styles to Choose From)

Our gift to the bride and groom is one of these beautiful marriage certificates. Signed at the wedding by the witnesses and officiant, it becomes your personal document to proudly display in your home or album, proclaiming... 

"Two are now One."

Suitable for framing, this is one of the most beautiful ways to remember your wedding day.  A handy tip for grooms:  If the Certificate is framed and hung on a wall it is an effortless way to never forget that
"very special anniversary date." 

These unique 8"x10" Marriage Certificates come with a presentation cover.

1890's:  This lovely old-fashioned Certificate is what you used to get over 100 years ago from the County courthouse. Reproduced from an actual certificate found in the trunk of an attic, it depicts flowing white daisies, pale yellow & peach mums, a lilting harp on a background of scattered ivy, and a scroll enscripted with "United are we for life: He my husband, I his wife." The background colors are multi-pastel hued in pale blue, peach and green. A gold seal states "Our life together begins today."
Victorian: Beautiful Victorian charm is depicted with pretty pansies and roses of purple and pink with lots of green foliage that borders this lovely certificate on a creamy colored background.
Country Ribbon:  A pale peach ribbon borders 3 sides of this certificate forming an archway.  Tiny dried flowers in shades of apricot, ivory, green and blue are scattered throughout the ribbon.  A pale sage background and an embossed seal completes the certificate.
Hawaiian Lei: Beautiful Hawaiian flowers form a lei around your wedding information.  Finished in pastel blues and greens, this certificate has a fresh spring time feel.